Once Upon a Flock (Epub)


A funny and warm account of one woman's attempt to raise chickens, with a little help from her family.

SKU: 9780285642362


When Lauren Scheuer decided to raise backyard chickens she never expected the adventures that followed or the extent to which she would fall in love with them. Scheuer's chickens, with their colourfully individual personalities, friendships and rivalries, star in this charming story filled with quirky humour and occasional heartbreak. We meet all the characters in the flock: Jenny, a chick who is as easy to love as she is to laugh at, Hatsy, an elegant and adventurous leader, and Lil' White, a chicken with the respectable comportment of a Southern belle. Documenting the daily adventures of her chicken family, and their subtle interactions with each other, with her own witty photos and illustrations (all in full colour throughout). Lauren Scheuer comes to realise that love, loss and passion are not only parts of the human experience, but essential parts of chicken life as well. This is a must-have for all animal lovers.