Reef Life (Epub)


A life working on coral reefs by Britain's foremost marine scientist and pioneering conservationist

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'A ravishing, alarming account of these underwater palaces of wonder, and the existential threat they face from humanity and our warming climate … Nature's throne rooms are thrown open by Roberts's prose' – The Spectator

'A vibrant memoir … a fine introduction to the ecology of reefs and the existential threats they now face' – The Guardian

Reef Life is a marine science memoir – the story of how Britain's pre-eminent marine conservation scientist, fell in love with coral reefs. Callum Roberts begins as a young university student who had never been abroad, spending a summer helping to map the unknown reefs of Saudi Arabia. From the moment he first cleared his goggles, he's never looked back, moving on to survey Sharm al-Sheikh, and from there diving and researching all over the world, including the Australia's imperilled Great Barrier Reef and the more resilient reefs of the Caribbean, in a thirty-year career. His stories are astonishing, lyrical and laced with a wonderful wry humour – and they allow us privileged access to, and understanding of, the science of our oceans and reefs. Reading this book will also commit readers to support of Callum's goal to get marine reserve status for ten percent of the world's ocean.