Smoke Free in 30 Days (Epub)


You can quit smoking in a month by combining medication with psychology.

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Smoke Free in 30 Days provides the best approaches for effectively breaking the smoking habit and to help anyone to remain smoke free for life. Dr Daniel Seidman has worked with thousands of addicted smokers for over twenty years. He understands that people smoke — and try to quit — for different reasons and what works for one smoker might not work for another. He knows what can stop a smoker from successfully quitting, and he has a clear step-by step 30-day plan that will help anyone to stay an ex-smoker for life.
Combining proven psychological techniques (that help to change the automatic behaviour nicotine addiction has created, smoking with a drink, to relax, or to deal with stress) that are compatible with recommended aids, such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and Dr Seidman gives full, much-needed guidance in using NRT without fear and effectively. This is a method with proven, permanent results. In a comprehensive, 30-day programme, Dr. Seidman explains how to retrain your brain, how to take advantage of the simple and straightforward techniques that help to overcome all the emotional (and physical) obstacles in their way to end the month smoke-free and feeling stronger than ever!