The Alexander Technique (Epub)


The world-famous method for enhancing posture, stamina, health and well-being, and for relieving pain and tension.

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The Alexander Technique was developed by an Australian actor, F. Matthias Alexander, to improve the way the body is used by treating mind and body as a whole.
Long popular with actors and dancers because of the stamina, flexibility and relaxation it offers, physiotherapists and doctors are now recommending it to help stress-related movement and posture disorders. Providing a complete programme of procedures to follow for daily activities and sports, this groundbreaking book brings the Alexander Technique within reach of us all.
Perfectly safe to use a part of your daily life, this book will help you in all you do. You will learn: how to walk, stand, sit, lift, bend and reach; how to move your body when driving, cycling, doing housework or gardening; how to get the most out of any sport, from golf and tennis to swimming and skiing; and how to devise your own self-help programme to suit your particular life-style.
The Alexander Technique is not just another exercise regime but a way of life, a subtle method of changing habits and attitudes to achieve greater body awareness, improved functioning and better co-ordination. You will feel healthier and happier than perhaps ever before.