The Economist Guide To Analysing Companies 6th edition (Trade Paperback)


The definitive guide to analysing and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of any company

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In today's volatile, complex and fast-moving business world, it can be difficult to gauge how sound a company really is. An apparently strong balance sheet and impressive reported profits may be hiding all sorts of problems that could even spell bankruptcy. So how do you:

– Know whether a company is well run and doing well?
– Decide which ratios and benchmarks to use to assess performance?
– Work out if a company has massaged its results?
– Recognise the danger signs on the corporate horizon?
– Compare companies operating in different sectors or countries?

These and many other important questions are answered in a completely updated and revised sixth edition of this clear and comprehensive guide. It is aimed at anyone who wants to understand a company's annual report, judge a customer's creditworthiness, assess a company's investment potential, and much more.