The End Of The Question Mark? (Epub)


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The perfect gift book for those who want to know the meaning of life or the fastest running speed of a chicken. Based on the questions texted to Any Questions Answered (AQA), number 63336, and the answers given by the service. For example: Q. How many baked beans would you need to place end to end to reach the moon?A. The moon's average distance from Earth is 385,000 km. So it would take 32,033,583,333 baked beans, end to end, to reach the moon. Q. What are the three English words that end in GRY?A. There are only two common English words that end in GRY: angry and hungry. It is a well known hoax if someone asks you to try and find the third word. Q. Is it normal to want to have sex with a dog?A. It is normal to be sexually attracted to a dog, but only if you are a dog yourself – in which case AQA is very impressed by your ability to use a mobile phone. Q. What is the opposite of a camel?A. The opposite of a camel is a soap dish. Quality examples (not the octopus sucker sort) have dips not humps, and most of their time is spent around water.