The Hay Diet Made Easy (B Format Paperback)


The companion book to Get Well with the Hay Diet.

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THE book to buy if you have found other food books difficult to follow and put into practice. Written by a trained nurse who has herself followed the Hay Diet since 1988, it not only gives you the essential guidelines without long, complex explanations, but provides a powerful healing programme that will make you feel super-well.

You will find:
– The basic principles of food combining explained simply and succinctly
– Diagrams at every stage to give you an at-a-glance guide
– Detailed lists of meals and menus to help you choose the right combinations
– Coded tables of foods for easy reference
– A guide to changing over to the Hay Diet – advice on the hidden ailments that may go unrecognised – from low blood sugar and candida to allergies and food intolerances – and how the Hay Diet helps
– How to adapt the Hay Diet to your individual needs.

It takes time to get used to any new diet regime, but with The Hay Diet Made Easy you will find it simplicity itself: just follow the author's meal ideas until you feel confident enough to devise your own, and the spectacular benefits you will discover will more than compensate for the adjustments you have to make in your old eating habits.

Dr William Hay devised the Hay diet in the early twentieth century as a way to help the body digest food more easily (by separating protein meals from carbohydrate meals). This book clearly sets out the diet in accessible terms, as well as providing diagrams to explain its principles. Jackie Habgood also shows how common health problems such as candida and hypoglycaemia can be alleviated by the Hay diet.No other book presents the basics of this diet so simply or practically.