The Language of the Angels (Epub)


A book on the new age interest in angels.

SKU: 9780285641211


The Language of the Angels is an invaluable guide to communicating with the angels, a source to turn to when a situation calls for the help of a specific angel with clear instructions on how to still the mind and stimulate the soul in our approach to the angels. Angels enter us through the breath and Claire Nahmad inducts her readers into the mysteries of heavenly magic, transforming power and sublime wonders. Learn how to call on Zotiel, angel of fearful children, Summon Rhamiel, angel of compassion, in times of need, When a situation appears hopeless turn to Phanuel, angel of hope. The language of the Angels, the Green Language, has provided signs, symbols and a magical essence that has been shared among esoteric groups for centuries. And now Claire Nahmad has drawn from the simplest rendition of the language to make it accessible to all. The Language of the Angels provides the means for anyone to summon the aid of an angel when they are in need of guidance, understanding and spiritual wisdom in their life. Discover how to open your deeper being to the angels, creating strong vital bonds of friendship, awareness and joy between you and your shining companions. Including colour illustrations of the angel visions of the great artists that will stimulate the reader's own inner eye.