The Magick of Matter (Epub)


A theoretical physics manual for modern wizards – an irreverent take on serious physics for popular science fans and sci-fi enthusiasts alike.

SKU: 9781782838234


'This is a book about wizardry. It will reveal the secrets of the wizard's art, and how you, too, can learn to follow them. It is a history of magic'

Condensed matter physics is what happens when atoms cluster together to make something of a size we can understand – something like a car, say, rather than a galaxy. It's what makes things hover in mid-air (magnetic levitation) or crystals glow (thermoluminescence). It's also what we mean by magick.

Join Felix Flicker on an empirical adventure in condensed matter physics, the scientific mechanism behind the mysteries of alchemy, transmogrification, and much more. This is the one-stop guide on how to harness the enigmatic workings of the natural world to become a thoroughly modern wizard.

From the laws of thermodynamics to the seven bridges of Konigsberg, The Magick of Matter is a journey of discovery which will upend everything you think you know about witchcraft, wizardry, and condensed matter physics.