The Only Child (Epub)


What is it like to be an only child, its advantages and disadvantages? How does the experience of being one affect a child's attitudes, relationships and future?

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Drawing on the experiences of a wide range of 60 only children, this book explains the difficulties they are faced with and how, as adults, they have learnt to cope with these problems.
Growing up as an only child can foster a greater sense of responsibility and social skills, only children are often more sensitive and considerate to the needs of others. Yet, it can also lead to difficulties in forming close relationships and the intensity of the relationship with their parents can become oppressive.
At a time when couples are increasingly limiting their families to one child this book answers a pressing and growing need. It is a book that the parent or partner of an only child will need to understand an only child.
The Only Child, written by two authors who are themselves only children, shares the experiences of other onlies, and the stories in this book demonstrate even if someone is without siblings there are millions of others who can understand how they feel.