The Secret Language of Your Face ()


The Ancient Chinese Art of Siang Mien: What Your Face Says About You.

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How often have you looked at someone and known that they are not to be trusted? Do you know anyone who has fallen in love at first sight? A person's character can be read in their faces and the art of reading faces has been practised in China for over 3,000 years. Now, this step-by-step guide can teach anyone how to interpret different facial characteristics and acquire an instant knowledge of a person's feelings, mood, hidden desires and worries, even their health.
High cheekbones, a pointed chin, a turned-up nose, every feature on the face has a specific meaning. Learn how to interpret them and gain a greater self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of friends, partners and colleagues. Face reading can help in business and at job interviews.
A pointed chin means that someone is extremely intelligent and enjoys gossip.
A large full mouth means that someone is passionate and extrovert, but they also depend on constant admiration from others.
Upward-slanting eyes reveal an emotional person who enjoys life but who is prone to outbursts of rage.
Clear and practical, The Secret Language of Your Face includes 180 illustrations that show all the facial features and explains the meaning of each individual facial characteristics.
Face reading is not a party game, it was developed by the Chinese for its psychological insights and as an aid for medical diagnosis. It will change your perception of the people around you – as well as yourself!