The Soft Diet (Epub)


Nutritious, appetising and practical recipes for those with chewing and swallowing difficulties

SKU: 9780285643536


Designed for the increasing number of people who have problems chewing or swallowing, whether due to disability, dental problems or illness, The Soft Diet offers groundbreaking ideas and exciting recipes for a healthy and varied diet.

Based on decades of practical experience in the food industry and as a health writer, Rita Greer's authoritative guide is a carer's bible. This book is as useful for those caring for someone at home as for caterers in hospitals and care homes and will improve the quality of life for anyone who has problems with chewing and swallowing.

Including recipes for those on exclusion diets, and offering a range of recipes for everyday meals as well as for special occasions, The Soft Diet ensures that those with eating difficulties can still enjoy a balanced and stimulating menu.