The Unwritten Laws of Finance and Investment (Epub)


Insightful, engaging and refreshingly free of financial jargon, this indispensable guide makes use of lessons from the past – the 'unwritten laws' that have stood the test of time – to help you get ahead

SKU: 9781847652140


While most financial and investment advice focuses on recent trends, or encourages consumers to buy a favoured product, this book breaks the mould, offering eternal wisdom that draws on years of expensive failures and enviable successes. Following on from the success of James Skakoon's The Unwritten Laws of Business (27,000 copies sold to date), this approachable but thoughtful gem brings together these useful lessons for the first time.

Covering everything from reminders of the simplest of truths – 'Patience is a virtue' and 'Better safe than sorry' – to the more troublesome – 'Inflation is the stealthiest of enemies' and 'Guarantees are rarely guaranteed' – each law is presented in an accessible, easily digestible manner, and illustrated with examples. This is essential reading for savers and investors, novices and old hands – and these laws are applicable all around the world.