Understanding and Responding to Self-Harm (Epub)


A clear, warm, and practical guide to counter the sense of fear and isolation that surrounds self-harm.

SKU: 9781782834359


Self-harm is increasingly prevalent in our society. But few of us understand why, or know what to do to help ourselves, friends or family in such situations. It can be very isolating.

Understanding and Responding to Self-Harm aims to fill this gap, providing practical information and advice for anyone who has an experience of self-harm.

Showing the various forms self-harm can take, this book explores the reasons behind it, and offers advice on self-management, support to others, and what services are available. Full of clear, thoughtful advice for those who may be thinking of harming themselves, or have already done so, as well as guidance for families and friends on helpful strategies and responses – and ones to avoid – it uses evidence from research and direct experience to provide an essential resource.