Undoing Depression ()


A holistic approach to treating depression that focusses on replacing negative patterns with more positive skills.

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Those who suffer from depression can come to believe that it is what they are, when it is merely something that they have – in the same way that they could have heart disease. Depression is fuelled by complex and inter-related factors; genetic, biochemical and environmental. Yet, Richard O'Connor focuses on an additional, and often overlooked, factor; our own habits. Sufferers can become good at depression, hide it and work around it. Depression has been described as a modern epidemic, 10% of the population suffer from it. Richard O'Connor's approach avoids simplistic self-help solutions by combining many of the strategies used by mental health professionals and therapists, and offers an understanding that makes each sufferer an individual. Richard O'Connor demonstrates how to replace depressive patterns of thinking and relating with new, more effective skills. Learn how to 'undo' depression.