Wheat-Free Cooking (Epub)


A helpful and informative book by Rita Greer, who has over twenty years' experience of devising gluten intolerant diets.

SKU: 9780285640528


Based on decades of practical experience, Rita Greer's husband has been on a wheat-free diet for many years, this reassuring and imaginative book tackles the growing problem of wheat allergy, and provides a guide to the new skills and knowledge that will help people cope easily with their new diet. Not at all "cranky" this book uses common sense and exciting ideas to produce a range of recipes for every meal of the day, all guaranteed to be completely free of wheat and yet including breads, cakes and pastries. There is a guide to foods that are safe, advice on those foods which may contain hidden wheat and special recipes that are also gluten-free. Being on a wheat-free diet does not mean having to eat extraordinary or expensive foods. The recipes in the book are all economical,comfortingly familiar and, above all, healthy and suitable for every member of the family.