Winning Without Losing (Epub)


A business book about more than business: the ultimate guide to improving your work/life balance.

SKU: 9781782830061


Winner of the New Manager category at the CMI Management Book of the Year Awards 2014

Whatever your job is, chances are you find it hard to switch off. Today, we work longer hours, at weekends, at home and on the move – while the office is only ever a click away via smartphones and the internet. But as much as we assume that this is the price of success – it doesn't have to be this way. Bjergegaard and Milne are here to show you how to build your business into something big, sustainable and widely recognised – and still lead a happy and balanced life.

In sixty-six short insights, they re­veal strategies and methods which will allow you to combine professional success with putting friends, family and happiness first. So wave goodbye to guiltily checking your emails on a date, or getting home when your children are already in bed – this is your route to winning on every level.

With first-hand advice and profiles of top business mentors, including Caterina Fake, Jake Nickell, Jason Fried, Brad Feld, Derek Sivers and Tony Hsieh.