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Gaston Dorren

A quirky language-lovers tour of the twenty most-spoken languages in the world – what puts them a cut above the other six thousand?

Talk on the Wild Side

Lane Greene

Why won't language do as it's told? Join the Economist's Johnson columnist on a headspinning journey of discovery

You Talkin' To Me?

Sam Leith

A witty, elegant enquiry into the art of persuasion, updated for the witless, inelegant Trump era

Sounds Appealing

David Crystal

The newest volume in David Crystal's pentalogy of the English language, focusing on the subtleties of pronunciation

Rogues' Gallery

Philip Hook

Sotheby's art expert exposes five centuries of history, scandals, big wins and horrifying losses in the international art world

How Language Began

Daniel Everett

A revolutionary account of the origins of language from one of the world's best known and most influential linguists

Human Relations and Other Difficulties

Mary-Kay Wilmers

A selection of works by LRB editor and journalist Mary-Kay Wilmers.

Write to the Point

Sam Leith

Get writing right – in the only way that matters

Comparing Notes

Adam Ockelford

We are all instinctively musical. Why? And how does music work? Indeed, what is (or isn't) music? Adam Ockelford has the answers

The Economist Style Guide

An updated and refreshed edition of this bestselling guide to English usage.

The Wisdom of Finance

Mihir Desai

Putting the humanity back into finance by looking at the profession's core principles through the prism of art, literature and film.

That's The Way It Crumbles

Matthew Engel

Americanisms have been slyly coloring the English language for centuries, and this practice must stop. Period.

Nemo's Almanac

Ian Patterson

A literary quiz full of quotes that will challenge, cheer and enlighten book buffs

The Art of Rivalry

Sebastian Smee

Pulitzer Prize-winning Sebastian Smee reveals how love and betrayal shaped the careers of eight famous artists

Making Sense

David Crystal

The world's best-known authority on the English language reveals the secrets and subtleties of its grammar

Telling Tales in Greek

Lorna Robinson

An engaging guide to ancient Greece, narrated by the sly hero Odysseus.

Music: Ideas in Profile

Andrew Gant

The best concise introduction to an essential subject

Christmas Carols

Andrew Gant

Here's something to set you singing this Christmas – a history of twenty odd carols in a beautiful edition. An ideal Christmas book gift.

O Sing unto the Lord

Andrew Gant

The biography of a quintessentially English tradition by one of its leading scholars and proponents


Catherine Belsey

The next introduction in the IDEAS IN PROFILE series: a snappy but serious introduction to criticism

Showing 76 results