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Victoria Glendinning

The authoritative biography of the 'Father of Singapore'


Alex Danchev

A remarkable biography of the cultural icon, Paul Cézanne

The Diaries of Nella Last

Patricia Malcolmson

A collected edition of bestselling author Nella Last's diaries, including substantial never-before published material from the war years

Occupation Diaries

Raja Shehadeh

Life in Palestine today – what it is really like – day to day, now shortlisted for the Orwell Prize 2013

All in a Don's Day

Mary Beard

Mary Beard's famous blog 'A Don's Life' has been running on the TLS website for nearly five years. Through it she made her name as…

Up Pohnpei

Paul Watson

Penguins Stopped Play meets Cool Runnings in this hilarious and uplifting true story of footballing triumph against all the odds, set on a Pacific isl…

I Love Mondays

Alec Reed

The remarkable life story of the founder of Reed Employment

People Who Say Goodbye

P. Y. Betts

A memoir of growing up in London during the First World War, as told through the voice of a child.

Van Gogh

Gregory White Smith

The definitive and explosive biography, based on new material, by the bestselling, prize-winning authors of Pollock.

Soft Vengeance of a Freedom Fighter

Albie Sachs

The memoir of ANC member and anti-apartheid activist Albie Sachs casts a clear eye on the sacrifices made in the name of freedom and justice.

A Walk-On Part

Chris Mullin

Yes Minister meets Alan Clark

Decline & Fall

Chris Mullin

Britains best-loved MP and bestselling diarist returns with his hilarious account of a New Labour backbencher

Off Message

Bob Marshall-Andrews

Tony Blair's least favourite colleague casts a mordant eye on whips and rebels, wars and liberties, spin and patronage, and expenses and legacies…

Blue Eyed Salaryman

Niall Murtagh

Full of wonderful vignettes and details.

Hellfire And Herring

Christopher Rush

A vivid and moving account of the author's childhood in the 1940s and 1950s in the little fishing village of St Monans…


Michael Blastland

Michael Blastland has written a beautiful and deeply thoughtful book about his 10-year-old son Joe.

Sew Your Own

John-Paul Flintoff

What happens when a man, dazzled like most of us by hi-tech, happy to have his suits made by robots in New York, sets out to find the meaning of life?…

A Voyage For Madmen

Peter Nichols

Already a classic among sailors, Nichols tell the true story of the inaugural 1968 Golden Globe sailing race: the first single-handed non-stop circumn…

Held by the Sea

Jane Darke

At the age of 48 documentary filmmaker and painter Jane Darke lost her husband, the playwright Nick Darke, to cancer. After twenty five years together…

The Ballad of Bob Dylan

Daniel Mark Epstein

Dylan's songs sound as if they have been part of the folk music tradition for centuries The Ballad of Bob Dylan examines the influences behind hi…

Showing 105 results