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The Celts

Simon Jenkins

A short history of one of Ancient Britain's most enigmatic civilisations

All In It Together

Alwyn Turner

A biting and original history which places culture front and centre to explain how our country went to pieces

Between Two Hells

Diarmaid Ferriter

The history of the war that shaped the Irish political landscape across the twentieth century and up to the present day, by Ireland's most promin…

The Confidence Men

Margalit Fox

The astonishing true story of two First World War prisoners who pulled off one of the most ingenious escapes of all time.

War on Wheels

Justin McCurry

Japan's fascinating culture of track cycling

Burning Steel

Peter Hart

A close-up at the sharp end of armoured warfare

Geography Is Destiny

Ian Morris

The story of Britain, from its first moments as an island to its possible future

Dancing on Ropes

Anna Aslanyan

Horizon-expanding tales of how translators altered the course of world events

The Greywacke

Nick Davidson

The story of three 19th-century geologists whose fraternal rivalry ended up rewriting the history of our planet


Jacqueline Riding

A major new biography of one of Britain's best-loved artists

A People's Church

Jeremy Morris

A richly detailed history of the Church of England from a top historian who is also an Anglican priest

Field Work

Bella Bathurst

What does it take to make a living from the land in modern Britain?

The Disappearance of Lydia Harvey

Julia Laite

An immersive historical account of a fascinating and important untold story

An Extra Pair of Hands

Kate Mosse

An inspiring, moving story of caring from the bestselling author Kate Mosse

Nine Quarters of Jerusalem

Matthew Teller

Highly original exploration of Jerusalem exploring its history and contemporary voices

Steam Trains Today

Andrew Martin

A delightfully warm exploration of a very British obsession

A Grand Tour of the Roman Empire by Marcus Sidonius Falx

Jerry Toner

The first ever travel guide to the Roman Empire.

At Close Range

Peter Hart

A British Band of Brothers: a thrilling account of the Second World War, told through the eyes of a regiment who fought at battles from Tobruk to the…

The Gun, the Ship and the Pen

Linda Colley

Award-winning historian Linda Colley shows the dawn of the modern world – through the advance of written constitutions

New Rome

Paul Stephenson

Three hundred action-packed years of Roman history, encompassing the fall of Rome and the rise of a new empire in the East

Showing 249 results