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Free Radicals

Michael Brooks

A bold exposé of science's mavericks

From Here to Infinity

Martin Rees

A pithy exploration of the place of science in the 21st century from one of the world's greatest scientists, now the winner of the Templeton Prize…

Mathematics Of Life

Ian Stewart

Mathematicians and biologists confront nature's enigmas

The New North

Laurence Smith

A book that literally turns the world upside down


Jane Brox

This is an illuminating, beautifully written history

The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

Elaine Morgan

Were the ancestors of modern humans more aquatic than those of other great apes?

What Darwin Got Wrong

Jerry Fodor

A groundbreaking attack on the most influential scientific orthodoxy of the last 150 years.

Sleights of Mind

Susana Martinez-Conde

A unique and fascinating look at the relationship between magic, the brain, and everyday life.

Why People Believe Weird Things

Michael Shermer

With this no-holds-barred assault on popular myths and prejudices, a science historian debunks psychobabble and extraordinary, nonsensical claims. 25…

An Optimist's Tour of the Future

Mark Stevenson

One curious man's journey to find out 'what's next?'

Love by Numbers

Luisa Dillner

How do I know if he's the one? Is there a seven-year itch? Do chat up lines work and, if so, which ones? There is academic research out there that…

The Language of Life

Francis Collins

The former head of the Human Genome Project reveals how you can join the personalised medicine revolution

Professor Stewart's Hoard of Mathematical Treasures

Ian Stewart

A new trove of entrancing numbers and delightful mathematical nibbles for adventurous minds

Ten Technologies to Fix Energy and Climate

Chris Goodall

A good story for once: introducing the innovators and innovations that will tackle climate change head-on

Seasons of Life

Leon Kreitzman

The new world of chronobiology is popular science at its most exciting: understanding how the seasons regulate the life of every human, plant and anim…

Fixing Climate

Wallace S. Broecker

We've heard lots about climate change – but what can we do about it? Wallace Broecker, the eminent scientist who coined the term global warming wa…

Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities

Ian Stewart

A book of mathematical oddities: games, puzzles, facts, numbers and delightful mathematical nibbles for the curious and adventurous mind.

Catching Fire

Richard Wrangham

'Absolutely fascinating' Nigella Lawson

13 Things That Don't Make Sense

Michael Brooks

'Brooks is an exemplary science writer … This is the sort of science book one always hopes for. Learned, but easy to read. Packed with detail, b…

Life Ascending

Nick Lane

WINNER OF THE 2010 ROYAL SOCIETY PRIZE FOR SCIENCE BOOKS'If Charles Darwin sprang from his grave, I would give him this fine book to bring him up…

Showing 107 results