A for Andromeda (Paperback)

Sir Fred Hoyle, John Elliot

From two hundred light years across the universe comes a message of terror.

Ten years from now, from the faraway constellation of Andromeda, a complex series of signals are collected which prove to be a programme for a giant computer. When the computer begins to relay the information it receives from Andromeda, scientists find themselves possessing knowledge previously unknown to man. Knowledge of such a nature that the security of human life itself is threatened.
Not surprisingly from this collaboration between one of the world's most highly regarded astro-physicists and a talented dramatist, A for Andromeda is both a work of scientific interest and a story of originality and excitement. Though it is many years since the original BBC TV version starring Julie Christie had viewers enthralled, it retains its power to stimulate a new generation of science fiction enthusiasts.

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ISBN: 9780285635883

Imprint: Souvenir Press

Subject: Fiction

Reviews for A for Andromeda

'This is science fiction at its best.'

 Sunday Mail

'A For Andromeda... is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what British science fiction was like before the 'New Worlds' writers rose to fame (and before the 'Star Wars' generation infantilised the genre): a time when SF could be both intelligent and popular with a wide audience.'

Amazon Reviewer 

'A good read. I remember the original BBC version, Julie Christie and all. I have seen the latest version, so it was good to go back to the original book.'

Amazon Reviewer 

'A first-class novel, original and disturbing. It is a brightly written, really exciting tale with the added inducement of scientific accuracy.'

 Weekly Science Diary

Sir Fred Hoyle

Sir Fred Hoyle

Sir Fred Hoyle taught mathematics and was Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy at Cambride University, and professor-at-large at Cornell University. He is currently the Honorary Resident Professor at both Manchester University and University College, Cardiff. He is the author of several books including Nature of the Universe and Frontiers of Astronomy as well as a number of novels and two volumes of autobiography.

John Elliot

John Elliot

John Elliot was a leading BBC television producer and writer of other distinguished novels.