Blue Eyed Salaryman (Ebook)

From world traveller to lifer at Mitsubishi

Niall Murtagh

Full of wonderful vignettes and details.

Why on earth would anyone give up a life on the open road for the regimen of a vast Japanese conglomerate? And is it really so different in Japan from everywhere else? Niall Murtagh spent years as a world traveller - hitchhiking to Istanbul, bussing to Kathmandu and crossing the Atlantic in a home-built yacht. In 1986 he closed the door on his adventurous life and settled down in Japan, eventually joining Mitsubishi as a Salaryman - a man in a shiny suit with a shiny attache case in a conglomerate with 100,000 employees. And what happens when you give up the Salaryman life? The book follows life after the corporation, giving fresh perspectives on the nature of Japanese business culture and the problems faced by outsiders in Japan.

Publication date: 26/05/2011


ISBN: 9781847656889

ISBN 10 / ASIN: B005LBF75G

Imprint: Profile Books

Subject: Biography & Memoir, Travel & Nature

Reviews for Blue Eyed Salaryman

'Full of wonderful vignettes and details.'

Harriet Sergeant Spectator

'Murtagh gives a fascinating account of a system that is misunderstood, even satirised, in the West.'

Iain Finlayson Culture Vulture Books

'A fascinating and engaging book ... a rare inside look at corporate life in Japan, one that's worth more than a dozen business-school studies.'

Matthew Lynn Bloomberg

Niall Murtagh

Niall Murtagh

Niall Murtagh grew up in Dublin. After hitchhiking across Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America in the 1980s, he settled down in Japan, first as a student, then as an ordinary employee of Mitsubishi. He has written for various publications, in both English and Japanese, on travel, technology and corporate culture. He works as a translator and lectures in Hosei University, Tokyo.