Brain Games for Your Child (Ebook)

Over 200 Fun Games to Play

Robert Fisher

Every child needs love and physical care, but also play that stimulates their thinking and helps boost their brain power. By playing with parents, grandparents and carers children can build their social and creative skills and get the mental stimulus that develops their brains. In Brain Games for Your Child Robert Fisher draws on his thirty years of research into children's thinking and learning to provide over 200 games to help children to build their thinking, number, language and social skills.From music and art games, treasure hunts and card games, word games and number battles there are games that can be played by all the family that will create bonds and build memories and help boost your child's brain power. Included are old favourites as well as new games, but what is common to all the games is interaction with other people, rather than with electronic screens, where communicating and playing with others provides the basis for developing the full range of a child's abilities.Brain Games for Your Child provides games to create a happy learning environment, encouraging educational skills through games that are fun. It provides a wealth of games to play with children of all abilities during the all-important first 10 years of life. This is an essential guide for raising a happier, brighter and more sociable child.

Publication date: 01/09/2011


ISBN: 9780285640634

ISBN 10 / ASIN: B006WB2GJ4

Imprint: Souvenir Press

Subject: Humour & Gift, Reference

Robert Fisher

Robert Fisher

Robert Fisher taught for over twenty years in schools in the UK, Africa and Hong Kong before becoming professor of Education at Brunel University. He has published over thirty books on education.