City State (Ebook)

David Kynaston

This lively read is strongly recommended - it should lead to plentiful and fruitful debate

An engaging account of the rise and dominance of the City of London, arguably the most important phenomenon of British history in the last 300 years. 'The City today is the most dynamic and world-beating sector of the British economy. Increasingly, it is the City that calls the shots. More than ever, governments and industry are constrained in their conduct by the fear of the judgement of the financial markets. This book looks back over the past 20 years and examines the extraordinary rise of this economic entity that is the City of London.

Publication date: 06/08/2010


ISBN: 9781847650436


Imprint: Profile Books

Subject: Business & Management

Reviews for City State

'This lively read is strongly recommended - it should lead to plentiful and fruitful debate'

Colin Leach Professional Investor

'A lively account of how the City works and how it has changed in recent decades. Their book is knowledgeable and provocative.'

William Keegan Economics Editor of The Observer

'A thoughtful and thought-provoking study of the moods and machinations of the world's largest international financial centre'

Hamish McRae The Independent

'Very readable and rich with anecdotes, this is a pithy and provoking guide to the modern City'

Martin Dickson Financial Times

David Kynaston

David Kynaston

David Kynaston is a critically acclaimed historian and author, and the recipient of a Spear's Book Award for his lifetime achievement as a British historian. His books include a three-volume history of postwar Britain; Austerity Britain (longlisted for The Orwell Prize), Family Britain and Modernity Britain (longlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize), which has sold 150,000 copies, as well as a four-volume history of the City of London, and the centenary history of the Financial Times.