D.I.Y. Magic (Ebook)

A Book of Mind Hacks

Anthony Alvarado

A collection of techniques to access deeper levels of creativity and change the way you think.

D.I.Y Magic offers a set of mind hacks that will help any creative artist to find new sources of inspiration - encompassing self-help, psychology and philosophy. D.I.Y Magic will change the way you think about yourself, about creativity, and about the world. Hack into deeper levels of creativity, access the subconscious, and discover techniques that have been used by artists from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Beethoven and Richard Wagner, David Lynch and Leonardo da Vinci for centuries.

From vision quests and lucid dreaming to creating a memory palace and Salvador Dali's spoon trick the deceptively simple exercises collected by Anthony Alvarado are designed to help those born into the modern age of reason to escape the rational web of what we already know and to see.

Explore creativity through the lens of actual magic and follow in the steps of the Romantics, the Dadaists, the surrealists, the beatniks, anyone chasing the muse, in learning how to pull the strings of everyday reality and unlock the magic of the creative mind. Illustrated by a host of visionary artists, including alternative comic artists such as Farel Dalrymple and Ron Rege Jr, D.I.Y Magic is a radically original arsenal of ways to think, perceive and experience the world.

Publication date: 01/09/2015


ISBN: 9780285643215

ISBN 10 / ASIN: B013EU2J4C

Imprint: Souvenir Press

Subject: Humour & Gift, Reference

Reviews for D.I.Y. Magic

'There are some really interesting ideas in the book that actually made me think about life (and death)... It's full of food for thought and life-enhancing tricks.'

 The Book Magnet

'A cookbook for vivid living'

 Arthur Magazine

'This book opens your eyes and makes you think about a whole universe of possibilities'

 Rosie Amber

Anthony Alvarado

Anthony Alvarado

Anthony Alvarado has been a forest fire fighter, a high school science teacher, a library delivery truck driver, a telephone psychic, and a mental health counselor. He lives with a cat, a dog, and a girl in Portland, Oregon. When he is not doing magical experiments he spends his time writing and trying not to drink too much coffee.