Deadly Waters (Ebook)

Inside the hidden world of Somalia's pirates

Jay Bahadur

A unique insight into the the international pirate crisis

What are the lives of modern day pirates like outside of the attack skiffs? How do they spend their money? What clothes do they wear and what is their drug of choice? Deadly Waters takes us to the heart of Somalia, where Jay Bahadur, the intrepid twenty-five-year-old author has ventured where most journalists fear to tread. As the 'go to' journalist for all media, and with unparalleled access to all the major players, from government officials to local residents - and of course the pirates themselves - Bahadur sets out to discover who is behind the masked menaces who appear on the news.

Exploring the politics and history of the self-governing region of Puntland, Bahadur looks at the challenges facing this troubled mini-state as piracy rises - and examines how the UN and other bodies are attempting to deal with the scourge of every sea-faring nation. Evocative and incisive, Deadly Waters is a highly original analysis of the international pirate crisis.

Publication date: 02/06/2011


ISBN: 9781847654366

ISBN 10 / ASIN: B0054461JG

Imprint: Profile Books

Subject: Current Affairs, Politics & Economics

Reviews for Deadly Waters

'A punchy and impressive debut.'

Justin Marozzi, author of 'The Man Who Invented History' 

'This is remarkable investigative journalism. It takes somebody of much daring to venture where he did and come out of it unscathed with such a story. I congratulate him.'

Michael Nicholson and author of 'Welcome to Sarajevo' 

'Bahadur's revelatory journalism and astute analysis of causes and solutions prove far more informative than any TV footage about the contemporary piracy problem.'


'Vivid and intelligent ... a balanced and fascinating portrait'

Stephen Robinson Sunday Times

'A welcome addition to the limited literature on Somalia and piracy.'

Andrew Anthony Guardian

Jay Bahadur

Jay Bahadur

Jay Bahadur is a journalist specialising in Somali piracy. He has featured as an expert on the BBC's Today Programme and CBS News, and his articles have been published in The Times and Globe and Mail. This is his first book. Profile published the hardback in 2011 [9781846683633].