Hybrid Humans (Audiobook)

Dispatches from the Frontiers of Man and Machine

Harry Parker

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Our ever-increasing intimacy with technology is changing our bodies and our brains. What can those at the frontiers tell us about what it means to be in a body now?

From the critically-acclaimed author of Anatomy of a Soldier

Harry Parker's life changed overnight, when he lost his legs to an IED in Afghanistan. Here he takes us on a journey through the exhilarating landscape of a very human kind of hacking, meeting those pushing the limits of our bodies and brains - and grappling with his own new identity along the way.

What happens when our lives become enmeshed with technology? Most of us are 'coupled' 24/7 to our mobile phones, reliant on glasses, or pacemakers - but we are living in an era of dizzying new possibilities. Parker meets the soldiers having cutting-edge osseointegration, the UK's first DIY cyborgs and biohackers tinkering in garages, and the scientists and surgeons pioneering the latest robotics and implants. He traces how they might lead us to powerful, liberating new possibilities for what a body can be - and how to be human is to by hybrid.

Publication date: 04/03/2021


ISBN: 9781782839910

Imprint: Wellcome Collection

Subject: Biography & Memoir, Science & Mathematics

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Praise for Anatomy of a Soldier:

'Marvellously told'


Alan Bennett 

'Alive to every nuance of feeling'

Hilary Mantel 

'A brilliant book'

Edna O'Brien 

'Beautifully constructed and moving'

Val McDermid 

'A tour de force'

Nadeem Aslam 

'Compassionate and compelling'

Kate Hamer 

'An endless ability to surprise'

Phil Klay 

Harry Parker

Harry Parker