Love by Numbers (Ebook)

The Hidden Facts Behind Everyone's Relationships

Luisa Dillner

How do I know if he's the one? Is there a seven-year itch? Do chat up lines work and, if so, which ones? There is academic research out there that can answer these questions: Dr Luisa Dillner, author of the Guardian column 'Love by Numbers', has sifted through it to give you the facts about flirting, dating, marrying, cheating and much more...

Far from the nonsense of typical agony aunts, this relationship advice will be based on science: using extensive scientific fieldwork from psychology and sociology journals as well as other serious research, Dr. Luisa Dillner gives you the right answers to those often recurring questions: what are the chances of making a long distance relationship work? How can I get my boyfriend to stop flirting? Is your relationship better if you don't argue?

In this essential book about love, women will finally get some intelligent information about relationships and men will get the facts and figures they have always been curious about but never knew they could find. The book is divided into each stage of a relationship, from dating to parenthood and beyond, and its easily readable question and answer format makes it perfect material for the bedside table.

Publication date: 09/12/2010


ISBN: 9781847653291


Imprint: Profile Books

Subject: Science & Mathematics

Reviews for Love by Numbers

'Dr Luisa Dillner's "Love by Numbers" is absolutely not your typical relationship self-help column -- and this new book, based on that column, is absolutely not your typical self-help book. Luisa burrows into the research, emerges triumphantly bearing aloft the relevant statistics, then uses them to provide advice that is useful, yet delightfully written. Read this book for interest, read it for entertainment, read it to throw light on any question you might want to ask about relationships!'

Susan Quilliam, author of The New Joy of Sex 

'I really enjoyed this book, it is full of interesting, statistically significant, love facts! Perfect for anyone trying to understand why love makes us behave the way we do...'

Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, bestselling author of WHAT MEN SAY, WHAT WOMEN HEAR 



'Her fascinating findings throw a new light on the dilemmas of dating, marriage and romance'

 Daily Mail

'Helpful and informed, you may be surprised by some of Dr Dillner's findings!'

Louise Purser OK!

'Set out in a simple question and answer format, it is easy to digest, and reading research into what other people have done in various predicaments is strangely reassuring.'

Lucy Dodwell New Scientist

'Dillner will clear your head and put your mind at ease with hard numbers (and find British humour)'

 Good Health & Medicine, Australia

Luisa Dillner

Luisa Dillner

Dr Luisa Dillner is a doctor and a publishing director at the British Medical Journal Publishing Group. Published by the Guardian, the Observer, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Elle, she has also written for the famous Mumsnet website where her letters for mothers have been sent out for seven years. She has four children, lives in London and most importantly has a perfect long term relationship…