On Learning Golf (Paperback)

Percy Boomer

A book to learn about golf technique and golf psychology, told in a light-hearted manner.

On Learning Golf is one of the foundations of modern golf instruction. Discover the basics as taught by thousands of golf instructors, as well as the basics of golf psychology, conveyed through Boomer's unique blend of humour and anecdote.
Learn to control the swing of the club by feel rather than thought. Percy Boomer urged his students to learn a proper swing through intuition rather than by trying to understand the mechanics of a shot.

For your swing use the mental image of 'turning within a barrel'.
Focus on making a good swing and not the outcome of the shot.
Practice without a hole to learn the feel.

Generations of golfers, instructors and writers have learned from Boomer's methods and passed them on, but now the modern golfer can go back to the source and learn directly from Percy Boomer.

The Late Duke of Windsor was taught golf by Boomer and wrote of him:
"It is in no way Percy Boomer's fault that I have not yet discovered the elusive secret, and it has to be as a disciple of the game and not as a low-handicap player that I recommend On Learning Golf, in the hope that it will help to reduce its readers' scores and discourage their opponents."

Publication date: 07/04/2009


ISBN: 9780285638501

Imprint: Souvenir Press

Subject: Humour & Gift, Reference

Reviews for On Learning Golf

'Among the best books ever written on playing the game'


'The book that professionals turn to and then recommend to their students... Percy Boomer... believed in teaching by feel rather than thought and generations have learnt from his expertise.'

 National Club Golfer

'A mine of really useful insights. The book is well-written, interspersing technical stuff with anecdotes that are amusing, but also have a teaching point... Little gems of wisdom percolating through the book... It has done my game a lot of good.'

 Golf Monthly

Percy Boomer

Percy Boomer

Percy Boomer became a professional golfer in 1896. He won tournaments throughout the 1920s (including the Belgian, Swiss and Dutch Opens) while he was the golf professional at the famous international club at Saint-Cloud, outside Paris, for twenty-seven years. Afterwards he taught at the Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire and died in 1949. He has been inducted into the Golf Teacher Hall of Fame.