Puzzled (Ebook)

Secrets and clues from a life in words

David Astle

A warm, funny and fascinating memoir told through a cryptic crossword

As a child, David Astle's hero was the Riddler. Figuring out brainteasers like 'Where is a man drowned but still not wet?' (quicksand) and 'How many sides has a circle?' (two - the inside and the outside) became an obsession and, eventually, his life: his cryptic crosswords now appear in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald every week, to the delight and frustration of thousands.

In Puzzled, Astle offers a helping hand to the perplexed and the infatuated alike, taking us on a personal tour into the secret life of words. Beginning with a Master Puzzle, he leads us through each of the clues, chapter by chapter, revealing the secrets of anagrams, double meanings, manipulations, spoonerisms and hybrid clues. More than a how-to manual and more than a memoir, Puzzled is a book for word junkies everywhere.

Publication date: 01/11/2012


ISBN: 9781847658166

ISBN 10 / ASIN: B009M5SY8O

Imprint: Profile Books

Subject: Humour & Gift, Reference

Reviews for Puzzled

'A fascinating and cleverly original collection of brain-teasers into which we can all (including me!) dip with great pleasure.'

Colin Dexter, creator of Inspector Morse 

'I used to regret not being born Catholic because it meant I'd been denied the joys of self-flagellation. Then I discovered DA and he solved my problem.'

Bill Leak, cartoonist for The Australian (and anagram of Killable) 

'He's the Sergeant Pepper of cryptic crosswords. A complete mindf**k.'

Geoffrey Rush, actor and anagram of 'Gruffy Heroes' 

David Astle

David Astle

David Astle is a Melbourne-based writer of non-fiction, fiction and drama. He co-hosts Letters and Numbers (the Australian version of Countdown) as the dictionary expert, and his crosswords appear in Australian papers The Ageand Sydney Morning Herald.