Sea Change (Ebook)

Alone Across the Atlantic in a Wooden Boat

Peter Nichols

By the author of the acclaimed A Voyage for Madmen, Sea Change is a poignant story of humility, endeavour and discovery.

Sea Change is Peter Nichols' first book, a biographical account of his own dramatic adventure. When his marriage ended, Nichols had to sell the only thing he and his wife owned - their boat. With only his sextant, his instincts as a seasoned sailor and his memories of a floundering marriage, he sets out from England to sail to America to sell his beloved boat, Toad. Halfway across the Atlantic, Toad springs a leak. As the sea floods in faster, Nichols tries everything to stay afloat, desperately pumping the water out by hand. He loses the battle after three days and is forced to abandon Toad. This is more than a sea-tale. It is the painful story of his marriage, his boat and himself.

Publication date: 02/08/2018


ISBN: 9781782835479


Imprint: Profile Books


Reviews for Sea Change

'Sea Change appeals to me on many levels - as travel, as a feat of navigation, as confession, and especially as a wonderfully observed ordeal.'

 Paul Theroux

'Sea Change is worthy of a place among the best survival stories'

 Sunday Times

'Delicately punctuated by recollections of his ex-wife, Nichols' account of his madcap voyage is intimate and introspective'


'Humbling, thrilling reading ... the author's state of mind during his last days aboard ... has the reader holding his breath'

 Washington Times

Peter Nichols

Peter Nichols

Peter Nichols is the author of the bestselling novel The Rocks, and the international bestsellers A Voyage for Madmen(finalist for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year), Evolution's Captain, and three other books of fiction, memoir, and non-fiction. His novel Lodestar was nominated for the Dublin IMPAC literary award. He has taught creative writing at a number of universities, including Georgetown University, Bowdoin College, New York University in Paris, and Antioch University Los Angeles. Before turning to writing full time, he held a 100 ton USCG Ocean Operator's licence and was a professional yacht delivery skipper for 10 years. He has also worked in advertising in London, as a screenwriter in Los Angeles, been a shepherd in Wales, and sailed alone in a small boat across the Atlantic.