Sign Language Companion (Paperback)

A Handbook of British Signs

Cath Smith

A practical guide with over 400 illustrations, covering a wide range of topics.

An easy-to-follow guide to sign language, providing over 400 illustrations to demonstrate common signs and grouping signs. Sign Language Companion is formatted in groups of linked ideas to allow the development of real conversations immediately.
British Sign Language (BSL) is Britain's fourth most popular language, and for the Deaf community it is the most fluent means of communication and the most direct way for hearing people to interact with the deaf. Sign Language Companion is for all BSL students and covers topics from:

Getting to know you.
Sharing ideas and interests.
Sharing feelings and building relationships.
Food and drink.

This is an invaluable reference for all learners of BSL, of any age, to which they can return again and again.

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ISBN: 9780285633339

Imprint: Souvenir Press

Subject: Humour & Gift, Reference

Reviews for Sign Language Companion

'Absolute brilliant book very easy to pick up, I wanted to learn sign language after learning a bit of makaton, I memorised about 10 signs within 10 minutes.'

Amazon Reviewer .

'Having never attempted to learn any form of sign language prior to buying this book, I was suprised how easy it is to learn. This book, although basic, will give you an excellent understanding of British Sign Language and will enable you to get by and form basic sentences and, dare I say it, have conversations by signing. It doesn't pretend to be advanced or an oracle in its field but it really is the best book you can buy if you are starting out learning to sign.'

Amazon Reviewer .

'This Introduction should be required reading for all beginners, especially parents, to give them an insight into what educating a deaf child really means. It is not off-putting because it is a concise summary while still covering the necessary points; i.e. deaf people don't prefer British Sign Language to English, it is essential to them as part of their learning process and for their healthy growth and development........'

Margaret Crawford Teacher of the Deaf, Garvel Deaf Centre, for the British Deaf News

'Great... to help further understanding of the language of deaf people... A must.'

The Teacher .

'A very useful book.'

British Deaf News .

'For those planning classes, this book is a gift as the lessons plan themselves....'

Journal of the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf .

Cath Smith

Cath Smith

Cath Smith is a qualified social worker with deaf people and a registered BSL interpreter.

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