The Art of Counselling (Paperback)

Rollo May

An indispensable guide for anyone engaged in counselling, or interested in understanding the inner workings of personality.

The Art of Counselling is an insightful guide for all who work in professions where counselling is a key part of their work: for doctors who often need to counsel the bereaved and discuss intimate subjects with their patients; for lawyers who advise clients in difficult situations; social workers and the clergy whose work is largely spent helping those in distress; senior management staff looking to relate productively with their staff - all will find this book an essential companion.

Rollo May's direct and personal approach, combined with the use of pertinent examples, guides the reader to understanding how to adjust his or her own personality to deal constructively and positively with others.

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ISBN: 9780285650992

Imprint: Souvenir Press

Subject: Health & Wellbeing

Reviews for The Art of Counselling

'An extraordinarily penetrating account of the source and the amelioration of human psychological suffering... Timely, wise and, above all, immediately practical to both client and counsellor.'

Irvin Yalom 

'May has helped to heal the disassociation between the best insights of 'intellectuals' on the one hand and 'popular' taste on the other... Consistently interesting and very readable.'

 New Psychiatry

Rollo May

Rollo May

Dr Rollo May was one of the leading psychotherapists of the twentieth century, and the leading philosopher of existential psychology.