The Economist Guide to Country Risk (Ebook)

Mina Toksoz

A unique and comprehensive guide to help companies manage the risks of doing business abroad

Country risk explains the things that can go wrong when business is conducted across borders. It's not just multinational companies, with factories worldwide and complex operations, that need to understand sudden changes in business conditions. These can affect any small firm that may be looking to expand sales abroad or work with a foreign supplier. The 2008-09 global financial crisis and the Arab Spring showed us how quickly, and dramatically, business conditions in any country can worsen and spread. But a thorough understanding and careful management of country risk will help a company survive a crisis, and even open up new opportunities.

This Guide to Country Risk explains:
- What risks foreign investors face, and how to measure and manage them in a systematic way.
- Why political and economic shocks are so hard to predict.
- Where economies are vulnerable and how existing risk models spot (or miss) signs of impending disaster.
- The typical bad habits of managers who ignore the warning signs
- How and where the next crisis will emerge.

Publication date: 20/11/2014


ISBN: 9781782830573


Imprint: Economist Books

Subject: Current Affairs, Politics & Economics

Mina Toksoz

Mina Toksoz

Mina Toksoz has been a consultant on country risk and emerging markets for almost thirty years, including as head of country risk at Standard Bank, and director of Country Risk Service at the Economist Intelligence Unit.