The Economist Guide to Managing Growth (Ebook)

How to get bigger and be better

Rupert Merson

The challenges to be overcome and the strategies to follow in building a bigger and better business.

Successful and ambitious organisations recognise the 'growth imperative' but are often insufficiently aware of what might threaten continued success. Growth means change. What worked last year won't necessarily work next year - an organisation that wants to manage growth successfully will need to change things that aren't yet broken. Growth, and the change it brings, affects every aspect of the business - people management, marketing, customer and client management, financial management, organisational design, performance management and measurement.

Growth gives rise to problems for businesses of all size. A young business run by its entrepreneurial founders is quite likely not to pay enough attention to the robustness of an organisation's structure and systems. Different divisions in a big business will evolve at different speeds and be at different stages of their evolution, each with their own particular issues to address - plus the need to be satisfactorily reconciled with each other.

This guide explores the different aspects of growth and outlines strategies and tactics that will enable businesses to address the issues they face and move forward to a bigger and even more successful future.

Publication date: 18/08/2011


ISBN: 9781847656636


Imprint: Economist Books

Subject: Business & Management

Rupert Merson

Rupert Merson

Rupert Merson teaches new venture development and managing growth at London Business School. Formerly a partner of BDO he now runs his own consultancy advising firms on how to manage growth. His has written several books on management, including Rules are Not Enough.

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