The Heart of Care: Dignity in Action (Ebook)

A Guide to Person-Centred Compassionate Elder Care

Amanda Waring

A call to arms for decent, kind, dignified care for those in need.

I felt like a caged animal.' This damning indictment by Dame Dorothy Tutin of her treatment in hospital at the age of 70 propelled her daughter Amanda Waring into a crusade to ensure that all older people in care are treated with kindness, compassion and dignity. Amanda is now a widely respected filmmaker, public speaker and teacher specialising in dignified care of the elderly. The Heart of Care distils her experiences, covering such topics as : the transition from home or hospital to care home ; creating person-centred, compassionate care homes; coping with dementia ; creativity and activity in care ; honouring and celebrating our elders ; maintaining spiritual and emotional care The Heart of Care encourages all carers to look into themselves and question their attitudes, prejudices and behaviour. Combining anecdote, reminiscence, practical advice and role-model exercises that really work, Amanda Waring gently motivates and educates us all to be better carers. Acknowledging that the path can be hard, she includes tips and advice to keep carers engaged and motivated when the going gets tough. As our population rapidly ages and more and more people find themselves researching options for care of the elderly, and as lurid and disturbing stories about substandard care hit the headlines on a daily basis, we all need to look closely at these issues. Essential reading for all who care for an elderly person, whether stranger or loved one, The Heart of Care promotes respect for the dignity and intrinsic worth of others, regardless of age or disability.

Publication date: 01/04/2012


ISBN: 9780285641051

ISBN 10 / ASIN: B007R438QK

Imprint: Souvenir Press

Subject: Health & Wellbeing

Amanda Waring

Amanda Waring

Amanda Waring is a campaigner for dignity within health and social care, and the author of The Heart of Care and Being A Good Carer. A filmmaker, her campaigning film 'What Do You See' has been shown across the world, and she is a leader of training workshops on dignified care of the elderly. Amanda is a presenter for Aged Care TV, an adviser on the government's Dignity Board.

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