The Heineken Story (Ebook)

The remarkably refreshing tale of the beer that conquered the world

Barbara Smit

A heady blend of brewery battles and family drama that refreshes the parts other business stories cannot reach

Heineken is known all around the world, but few of the drinkers who eagerly watch the foam rise in their glass have heard of the business ploys, marketing tricks and extraordinary characters that transformed the Dutch family business into a global brand.

Taking us on a journey from a small brewery in Amsterdam in 1864 to the present day, The Heineken Story tells the remarkable and sometimes controversial true story of one of the world's largest brewing companies, and of Alfred 'Freddy' Heineken, the singular business man who secured its position. From spectacular takeovers and inspired marketing campaigns, to a kidnapping that brought in the largest ransom ever paid for an individual, this is a gripping account of the battle for the international beer market.

Barbara Smit has experience writing on family drama, marketing and consumer culture, and in The Heineken Story she has put together a narrative that is meticulously researched, and fizzing with competition, personalities and betrayal.

Publication date: 06/11/2014


ISBN: 9781782831136


Imprint: Profile Books

Subject: Business & Management, History & Classics

Reviews for The Heineken Story


Praise for Pitch Invasion
'An anecdote-rich history of competition, commercialism and corruption


 Wall Street Journal

'An immensely readable romp'


'Smit gets behind the business proposals, marketing plans and constant dollar signs to focus on the human aspects of how these warring brands succeeded and why they faded. It is that human component that makes Pitch Invasion read like a modern cautionary tale for those apt to turn big business into the most dangerous of sports'

 Washington Post

'Pitch Invasion is a breathless account of how the rivalry brought money and sharp branding into sport...Smit shows an unremitting focus on producing a page-turner...she pulls it off with aplomb'

 Financial Times

'Like Dynasty rewritten by LeCárre'


Barbara Smit

Barbara Smit

Barbara Smit is a journalist who has written about big businesses for the Financial Times, International Herald Tribune and others. This book builds on her unauthorised biography of Freddy Heineken published in 1996, which sold 70,000 copies in the Netherlands alone. She lives in France.