The Secret Language of Your Child (Ebook)

How Children Talk Before They Can Speak

David Lewis

What is a toddler trying to say by touching his ears or tilting his head? Dr David Lewis pioneered the study of how young children communicate with each other using gestures and facial expressions and his detailed research explains how toddlers can already communicate before they learn to speak. The Secret Language of Your Child explains the facial and body expressions of the under-fives, helping parents to understand what their child is trying to communicate and to recognise when a child is feeling anxious, aggressive or distressed. Using a wealth of illustrations that interpret the secret language of your child, David Lewis reveals how to communicate with a child during its formative years. Learn how to understand your child and how to reply in the same language. The Secret Language of Your Child is an essential handbook for all new parents, carers and nursery staff in its revelations of the body language and the behaviour of the under-fives. It will make every reader look at under-fives in an entirely different way.

Publication date: 01/04/2015


ISBN: 9780285643000


Imprint: Souvenir Press

Subject: Health & Wellbeing

David Lewis

David Lewis

Dr David Lewis read for a doctorate at the Department of Experimental Psychology, at the University of Sussex.

After qualifying as a clinical psychologist and psychopathologist, that is someone who studies mental illness, he founded a registered UK charity to help people with stress and anxiety problems. More recently he set up a not-for-profit website, from which he provides free guidance and answer questions sent in by visitors.

Over the past years, he has published more than 30 books on psychological topics, most of which can be purchased from Amazon or Amazon resellers. He has also appeared in numerous television and radio programmes on psychological and medical topics, including Secret Eaters and Embarrassing Bodies (Channel 4).

He lives near Brighton on the south coast of England and is chairman of Mindlab International, an independent research laboratory based at the University of Sussex.