The Shark and the Albatross (Ebook)

Adventures of a wildlife film-maker

John Aitchison

For twenty years John Aitchison has been travelling to distant places to film wildlife for the BBC and other broadcasters. The Shark and the Albatross is the story of his encounters with animals in remote, exotic, and dangerous places.

For twenty years John Aitchison has been travelling the world to film wildlife for the BBC and other broadcasters, taking him to far-away places on every continent. The Shark and the Albatross is the story of these journeys of discovery, of his encounters with animals and occasional enterprising individuals in remote and sometimes dangerous places. His destinations include the far north and the far south, expeditions to film for Frozen Planet and other natural history series, in Svalbard, Alaska, the remote Atlantic island of South Georgia and the Antarctic. They also encompass wild places in India, China and the United States. In all he finds and describes key moments in the lives of animals, among them polar bears and penguins, seals and whales, sharks and birds, and wolves and lynxes.

He reveals what happens behind the scenes and beyond the camera. He explains the practicalities and challenges of the filming process, and the problems of survival in perilous places. He records touching moments and dramatic incidents, some ending in success, others desperately sad. There are times when a hunted animal triumphs against the odds, and others when, in spite of preparation for every outcome, disaster strikes. And, as the author shows in several incidents that combine nail-biting tension with hair-raising hilarity, disaster can strike for film-makers too.

This is natural history writing at its absolute best: evocative, informative and gripping from first to last.

Publication date: 01/10/2015


ISBN: 9781782831075


Imprint: Profile Books

Subject: Travel & Nature

Reviews for The Shark and the Albatross

'This is a lovely book, vividly written, giving us a fascinating insight into the world of wild life photography. It is a must for all those who enjoy insights into the natural world.'

Alexander McCall Smith 

'In a word, beautiful. John shares the experience of patiently waiting, then the euphoria of capturing the action; capturing the art in nature.'

Bill Oddie 

'Here you'll find a version of the world which is more real, more intense and, sadly, more beautiful than the one most of us are forced to occupy.'

Adam Nicolson 

'A kaleidoscope of brilliant wildlife experiences not to be missed'

Sir John Lister-Kaye OBE, Conservationist and nature writer. 

'These evocative stories are from the heart of the keenest observer, a skilled cameraman and a superb naturalist'

 Chris Packham

'Clear and poetic ... throughout, Aitchison notes that observing wildlife highlights the precariousness of the natural world.'

 Publishers Weekly

John Aitchison

John Aitchison

John Aitchison is a wildlife filmmaker. His many awards include a joint BAFTA and a joint Primetime Creative Emmy both for the cinematography of the BBC series Frozen Planet.