Tricky Part (Ebook)

One Boy's Fall from Trespass into Grace

Martin Moran

One man's story of surviving childhood sexual abuse.

At the age of 12 Martin Moran was involved in a sexual relationship with an older man, a counsellor from a Catholic boy's camp. Thirty years later, he set out to find and confront his abuser.The Tricky Part is the story of the man Martin Moran became, and the ambiguous relationship with his abuser that would mark his life. Growing up in an ordinary family, a family that belonged to Christ the King, the local church and school, Martin Moran absorbed the lessons of Catholicism in his childhood, the fraught mysteries of the spirit and the flesh.Into Martin's world came Bob, a veteran of the Vietnam War who was building a ranch out of the mountain wilderness. Bob taught the boys under his care how to milk cows, raft rivers and mend barbed wire fences. However, he also noticed Martin, a young boy who was unsure of himself and befriended him. The friendship, and the sexual abuse, lasted for three years.The abuse, and the relationship, shaped and scarred Martin. Told with startling honesty, humour and understanding The Tricky Part is the story of a complex friendship, a relationship that damaged but also inspired the transformation of Martin Moran's life.

Publication date: 20/04/2006


ISBN: 9780285640016

ISBN 10 / ASIN: B006WB7RB6

Imprint: Souvenir Press

Subject: Biography & Memoir

Reviews for Tricky Part

'Marvellous, courageous and above all, thoughtful'

 Washington Post

Martin Moran

Martin Moran

Martin Moran grew up in Denver, lives in New York City where he is an actor and writer, and has appeared in many Broadway and Off-Broadway plays. He performs a one-man play of The Tricky Part all over the world.