Westminster Abbey (Ebook)

A thousand years of national pageantry

Richard Jenkyns

Fifteen royal weddings and thirty-eight coronations - Westminster Abbey was the venue for a sixteenth royal wedding, that of Kate Middleton and Prince William. In this superb book, Jenkyns weaves together with wit and charm the significance of this iconic building and its history.

Westminster Abbey is the most complex church in the world in terms of its history, functions and memories - perhaps the most complex building of any kind. It has been an abbey and a cathedral and is now a collegiate church and a royal peculiar. It is the coronation church, a royal mausoleum, a Valhalla for the tombs of the great, a 'national cathedral' and the 'Tomb of the Unknown Warrior'.

This new edition recounts the story of this iconic building and the role it plays in our national psyche.

Publication date: 31/03/2011


ISBN: 9781847650825

ISBN 10 / ASIN: B0065MBCD6

Imprint: Profile Books

Subject: History & Classics

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'The most worthwhile of souvenirs'


Richard Jenkyns

Richard Jenkyns

Richard Jenkyns is Professor of the Classical Tradition, University of Oxford, a Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall and author of a number of books including Dignity and Decadence: Some Classical Aspects of Victorian Art and Architecture and The Victorians and Ancient Greece.