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Daniel Pick

A brilliant and mind-bending exploration of brainwashing and thought control

This Book is a Plant

The way we think about plants is about to change forever: this is your handbook to a new natural world


Simon Kuper

Power. Privilege. Parties. It's a very small world at the top.

Art & Fear

David Bayles

The bestselling cult classic that offers a roadmap to overcoming the daily obstacles of a creative life


Pavel Filatyev

The shocking story of the war in Ukraine, told from behind Russian lines

The Get Things Done Book

Mikael Krogerus

Less talk, more action: how to get things done by the worldwide bestselling authors of The Decision Book

Outsmart Your Brain

Daniel T Willingham

A smart and practical guide to effective studying, successful exam technique and enjoyable learning

Hybrid Humans

Harry Parker

A gripping, eye-opening account of how robotics, computing and AI might be about to alter our understanding of what it means to be human – from the be…

Geography Is Destiny

Ian Morris

The story of Britain, from its first moments as an island to its possible future

Butler to the World

Oliver Bullough

Sunday Times bestselling author Oliver Bullough reveals the scandalous reality of Britain's new position in the world

The Crux

Richard Rumelt

A genre-defining book for all leaders by the bestselling author of Good Strategy/Bad Strategy

The Museum of Other People

Adam Kuper

A contemplation of the hotly-debated significance – and future – of anthropology museums, from a global expert


Rodric Braithwaite

A short and pithy introduction to the history of Russia as we know it today

One Hundred Saturdays

Michael Frank

From the sun-soaked, vibrant Juderia of Rhodes to the horrors of the Nazi camps, Stella Levi's life – told to the author over a series of Saturda…

Nine Quarters of Jerusalem

Matthew Teller

Highly original exploration of Jerusalem exploring its history and contemporary voices

The Gospel of Wellness

Rina Raphael

A startling look at the booming wellness industry and the extraordinary power it wields today.

New Rome

Paul Stephenson

Three hundred action-packed years of Roman history, encompassing the fall of Rome and the rise of a new empire in the East


Ashley Ward

A smorgasbord of the senses from a professor of Animal Behaviour: how they work, why they're there, and what they mean for both human and animal…

The Vein of Gold

Julia Cameron

International best selling author and 'Queen of Change' Julia Cameron, uses her world-renowned techniques as a creativity coach to challenge…

Write for Life

Julia Cameron

The essential guide to writing by the Queen of Creativity, Julia Cameron

Showing 1222 results