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Robert Greene

'Live by your own rules' – Robert Greene, the 'modern Machiavelli' debunks the prevailing mythology of success and presents a radical…

The 48 Laws Of Power

Robert Greene

Drawn from 3,000 years of the history of power, this is the definitive guide to help readers achieve for themselves what Queen Elizabeth I, Henry Kiss…

Create Space

Derek Draper

The crucial handbook you need to create space in your busy life

Pocket World in Figures 2019

Informative, entertaining and insightful … the fact-lovers Bible

The Little Book of Yes

Noah Goldstein

The pocket-sized companion to the international bestseller Yes! that brings persuasive science into all areas of your life

Lying for Money

Dan Davies

Understand financial crime and you understand the world. Here's how

The Economist Guide To Investment Strategy 4th Edition

Peter Stanyer

The classic guide to wealth planning, updated for 2018


Ryan Holiday

A unique account from behind the scenes of the case that rocked the media world – and the billionaire mastermind behind it

The Economist Guide to Financial Management 3rd Edition

John Tennent

Third edition of the classic primer on business finance

Trust Me I'm Lying

Ryan Holiday

The book that predicted fake news, revised and updated for these terrifying times

The Economist: Cover Story

A postcard collection celebrating 175 years of iconic covers from The Economist

The Daily Stoic Journal

Ryan Holiday

Companion volume to bestseller The Daily Stoic, an elegant journal to help readers apply the stoic principles of wisdom and virtue in today's tumu…

A Better World is Possible

Georgina Ferry

A study in contemporary philanthropy and an exclusive account of the Gatsby Charitable Foundation's investment in a better world.

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy

Richard Rumelt

A Profile Business Classic edition of one of the most important and critically acclaimed books on strategy ever written

The Wisdom of Finance

Mihir Desai

Putting the humanity back into finance by looking at the profession's core principles through the prism of art, literature and film.

Ego is the Enemy

Ryan Holiday

A powerful meditation on the nature and dangers of ego, from the bestselling author of The Obstacle is the Way

Perennial Seller

Ryan Holiday

Bestselling author and marketing strategist Ryan Holiday reveals how a classic work – a Perennial Seller – is made and marketed

The Decision Book

Mikael Krogerus

The comprehensively revised edition of the international bestseller, with new material.

Beyond Harvard

Jo Russell

Praise for Mark H. McCormack:'The undisputed king of sports marketing

Warren Buffett's Ground Rules

Jeremy Miller

Easy-to-follow ground rules from the world's most successful investor

Showing 171 results