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Political Order and Political Decay

Francis Fukuyama

The most important book about the history and future of politics since The End of History

Shifting Sands

Raja Shehadeh

A fresh look at the Middle East today, tomorrow and in the past: fifteen writers, with an introduction by Raja Shehadeh, author of the Orwell Prize-wi…

Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism

David Harvey

Following on from The Enigma of Capital, the world's leading Marxist thinker explores the hidden workings of capital and reveals the forces that…

Risk Wise

Polly Morland

A thoughtful and thought-provoking journey into the everyday world of risk, exploring what it means to be 'risk wise'.

Politics: Ideas in Profile

David Runciman

An accessible introduction to politics from David Runciman, Professor of Politics at Cambridge University. The first title in the IDEAS IN PROFILE ser…

Pieces of Light

Charles Fernyhough

Why do we remember certain things but forget others?

Why Does the World Exist?

Jim Holt

An irreverent sleuth tackles the riddle of existence that has puzzled man since the dawn of time

The Measure of Civilisation

Ian Morris

A unique insight into the index of social development that measures change in East and West – and that forms the core of the international bestseller.

Coming Back Alive

Joe Fisher

A book about the resurgence of interest in the idea of reincarnation.

The Origins of Political Order

Francis Fukuyama

Francis Fukuyama's most important book since the pathbreaking End of History

I Ching in Plain English

George Hulskramer

The I Ching in a new translation and made more accessible to a contemporary reader.

Human Nature: Justice Versus Power

Michel Foucault

The legendary debate between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault on the question of human nature

A Meditator's Diary

Jane Hamilton-Merritt

An account of an American journalist's meditation journey in a Buddhist temple in Thailand.


Eva Hoffman

A radical exploration – are we coming to the end of time as we know it?

The Tyranny of Choice

Renata Salecl

A brilliant study on the nature of choice, and how limitless freedom can lead to despair


Steven Connor

A unique and quirky exploration of the stories and meanings behind the everyday objects that shape our lives.


Paul Ginsborg

Despite the global expansion of democracy, a looming threat has appeared in the countries that claim to love it most: declining electoral turnout, dim…

Intellectual Impostures

Jean Bricmont

When Intellectual Impostures was published in France, it sent shock waves through the Left Bank establishment. When it was published in Britain, it pr…

Moral Relativism

Steven Lukes

Everyone holds beliefs. So what gives us the right to judge the behaviour of other people in a world where moralities are diverse and conflicting?

Runaway World

Anthony Giddens

'Before the current global era it is impossible to imagine that comparable events [like September 11] could have occurred, reflecting as they do…

Showing 77 results