The Perfumier and the Stinkhorn (Ebook)

Richard Mabey

Inspiring meditations through the author's rich store of memories

In these elegant, short essays, revered nature writer Richard Mabey attempts to marry a Romantic's view of the natural world with that of the meticulous observations of the scientist. By Romanticism, he refers to the view that nature isn't a machine to be dissected, but a community of which we, the observers, are inextricably part. And that our feelings about that community are a perfectly proper subject for reflection, because they shape our relationship with it. Scientists eshew such a subjective response, wanting to witness the natural world exactly, whatever feelings subsequently follow.

Our feelings are an extension of our senses - sight, taste, smell, touch and sound - and here, in a sextet of inspiring meditations, Mabey explores each sensory response in what it means to interact with nature. From birdsong to poetry, from Petri-dish to microscope, this is a joyful union of meandering thoughts and intimate memories.

Publication date: 14/04/2011


ISBN: 9781847654502

ISBN 10 / ASIN: B004V9OA6Q

Imprint: Profile Books

Subject: Travel & Nature

Reviews for The Perfumier and the Stinkhorn


Advance praise for Weeds [9781846680762]

'This book will open your eyes to the significance, wonder and exasperation felt about weeds. I couldn't put the book down once I started reading. Mabey offers a diversity and richness of fact, fiction, philosophy and fun ... [he] opens our minds and hearts in unexpected ways to the fallacy of an implacable divide between people and nature... a great read.


 Professor Stephen Hopper, Director, Kew Gardens

'short, wise and consisently delightful.'

Johy Gray New Statesman

'For a quick reminder of the beauty of birdsong or the heady scent of wild flowers, Mabey is the most thoughful and intimate of guides.'

Claire Allfree Metro London

'A delightful melange of scientific reflection and personal memories.'

 The Countryman

Richard Mabey

Richard Mabey

Richard Mabey is one of our greatest nature writers. He is the author of some thirty books including the bestselling plant bible Flora Britannica, Food for Free, Turned Out Nice Again, Weeds: the Story of Outlaw Plants and Nature Cure which was shortlisted for the Whitbread, Ondaatje and Ackerley Awards. His biography, Gilbert White won the Whitbread Biography Award. A regular commentator on radio and in the national press, he was elected a Fellow in the Royal Society of Literature in 2012. He lives in Norfolk.

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