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Winning Without Losing

Martin Bjergegaard

A business book about more than business: the ultimate guide to improving your work/life balance.

Managing Finance

Chartered Management Institute

A non-specialist practical guide to managing money, in the highly acclaimed Checklist Series from the Chartered Management Institute.

Managing Strategy

Chartered Management Institute

Your one-stop shop for practical advice and guidance on strategy and planning. From the highly acclaimed Checklist Series from the Chartered Managemen…


The Swiss pharmaceutical industry is world-famous, and of today's top five global pharmaceutical businesses, two are Swiss – Roche and Novartis….

The Unwritten Laws of Business

James Skakoon

Pocket-sized reissue of the bestselling business classic with a new introduction by Marshall Goldsmith in an elegant collectable package

The Economist: The Chief Financial Officer

Jason Karaian

What is what with the power behind so many corporate thrones.

The Economist: Managing Talent

Michel Syrett

How to hire the best and get the best out of them – and if you are among the best, how to play the game to your best advantage.

The Economist Guide to Emerging Markets

Aidan Manktelow

How to identify and exploit the huge opportunities emerging markets present – and avoid the mistakes so many businesses make.

The Economist: Marketing for Growth

Iain Ellwood

How marketers can and should make much more of a difference in making their companies more financially successful – and reap the rewards and recogniti…

The Economist Numbers Guide 6th Edition

How to improve your head for figures: the concepts and techniques that are crucial for every aspiring manager to know.

The Weir Group

William Viscount Weir

The classic account of an international engineering industry leader's development, from the Victorian era to the present day.

The Reality Test

Robert Rowland Smith

The questions you've never asked that will put you ahead of your competitors. Now available in paperback.


Frank Partnoy

Don't blink, it's better to delay. Take your time, perhaps even procrastinate. In short, wait.

Lessons from the Top

Gavin Esler

One of Britain's leading journalists reveals first-hand insights into getting to the top, from the world's most successful leaders.

The 50th Law

50 Cent

Bestselling author Robert Greene combines forces with 50 Cent to help you get ahead.

Managing Others: Teams and Individuals

Chartered Management Institute

One of the first in the checklist series from the Chartered Management Institute, on how to manage teams and individuals.

Managing Others: The Organisational Essentials

Chartered Management Institute

The experts' guide to the organisational aspects of managing the people you are responsible for, from the highly acclaimed Checklist Series from…

Managing Yourself

Chartered Management Institute

One of the first in the highly acclaimed checklist series from the Chartered Management Institute, on how to manage yourself

Inside the Box

Drew Boyd

Forget thinking outside the box. Get inside it!

Uncommon Sense, Common Nonsense

Jules Goddard

The winning difference daring to be different can make – insights into how organisations can stand out from the herd.

Showing 186 results