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Debts, Deficits and Dilemmas

Peter Maunder

A companion workbook with questions and exercises on the financial crash for students and teachers

HMRC – Her Majesty's Roller Coaster

Daniel Dover

A deft and expert guide to the experience every taxpayer dreads – a tax investigation

Politics: Ideas in Profile

David Runciman

An accessible introduction to politics from David Runciman, Professor of Politics at Cambridge University. The first title in the IDEAS IN PROFILE ser…

Unhappy Union

John Peet

How the European project is close to breaking point and the difficult decisions that have to be made for it to survive.

Events, Dear Boy, Events

Ruth Winstone

Brings twentieth-century British politics vividly to life and reveals perspectives on the tumultuous events it sought to control, the changes it resis…

Debts, Deficits and Dilemmas

Zanny Minton Beddoes

A primer on how the 2007-08 financial crisis continues to shape today's economy.

Feeding Frenzy

Paul McMahon

A passionate argument that asks 'can the world feed itself?' Comparable to Jared Diamond in its compelling and accessible narrative style.

The Economist Guide To Investment Strategy 3rd Edition

Peter Stanyer

How to understand markets, risk, rewards and behaviour.

The Economist Guide to Emerging Markets

Aidan Manktelow

How to identify and exploit the huge opportunities emerging markets present – and avoid the mistakes so many businesses make.

How Asia Works

Joe Studwell

A provocative look at what has worked – and what hasn't – in East Asian economics, now in paperback

Surviving the Debt Storm

Leigh Skene

How the policies being followed by governments and central banks risk leading to an even greater economic mess – and how that can be avoided

The XX Factor

Alison Wolf

The reality of female professional success in today's world – a challenge to long-held assumptions about female achievement and sexual inequality…

The Economist Guide to Commodities

Caroline Bain

From aluminium and platinum to zinc and gold, oil and gas to cocoa and wheat, a comprehensive overview of the forces at work in the world of commoditi…

The Tail

Paul Marshall

Paul Marshall is a passionate and brilliantly effective crusader for extending opportunity to the most disadvantaged. [This] book is a compelling, at…

Why Nations Fail

Daron Acemoglu

A provocative bestseller that explains why the world is divided into nations with wildly differing levels of prosperity.

Securing Freedom

Eliza Manningham-Buller

The former head of MI5 on freedom, intelligence, the rule of law, torture and security

The Arab Spring and the Gulf States

Mohamed Althani

The most challenging question today for the citizens of any country in the Gulf region is whether it is heading in the right direction to become a dur…

The New North

Laurence Smith

A book that literally turns the world upside down

The Origins of Political Order

Francis Fukuyama

Francis Fukuyama's most important book since the pathbreaking End of History

The Economist: Megachange

Daniel Franklin

Building on the hugely successful annual Economist 'The World in …' publications, this essential guide to the twenty-first century capture…

Showing 155 results