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Do Dice Play God?

Ian Stewart

Professor Ian Stewart explores the development and limits of the mathematics that tame uncertainty


Emily Oster

An empowering new way to make decisions as a parent – take out the judgement, use the data

Beyond Words

Carl Safina

In a world where we measure animals by human standards, prize-winning author and MacArthur Fellow Carl Safina takes us inside their minds, witnessing…

The Rules of Contagion

Adam Kucharski

The new science of contagion, and the surprising ways it shapes our lives and behaviour

The Moon

Oliver Morton

An intimate, profound portrait of the Earth's closest neighbour

Darwin's Most Wonderful Plants

Ken Thompson

A rediscovery of Darwin the botanist and his theories on insectivorous and climbing plants

Homage to Gaia

James Lovelock

A new edition of the celebrated thinker James Lovelock's autobiography to celebrate his 100th birthday

The Art of Logic

Eugenia Cheng

A survival guide for our post-truth world using the timeless methods of logic, from a Royal Society Prize shortlisted mathematician

Chasing the Sun

Linda Geddes

The full story of how our relationship with light shapes our health, productivity and mood

This is a Voice

Jeremy Fisher

Train your voice to speak (and sing) with impact using this practical guide, with a foreword by Cerys Matthews

Significant Figures

Ian Stewart

Vivid accounts of the lives of 25 of the world's greatest mathematicians with clear descriptions of their far-reaching discoveries

Swearing Is Good For You

Emma Byrne

The science of swearing: from neuroscience to swearing apes, why we swear, what it does to us and why it's important

Are You Smarter Than A Chimpanzee?

Ben Ambridge

Now in paperback, the author of international psychological sensation Psy-Q takes us inside the minds of animals

The Sentient Machine

Amir Husain

The future is now. Acclaimed technologist and inventor Amir Husain explains how we can live amidst the coming age of sentient machines and artificial…

Beyond Infinity

Eugenia Cheng

Inside the weird and wonderful world of infinity, from endless hotels to bottomless cookie-jars – now in paperback


Henry Nicholls

An examination of sleep from the perspective of a narcoleptic

We Do Things Differently

Mark Stevenson

Futurologist Mark Stevenson introduces the unlikely innovators breaking the rules to make our world better.

How the Zebra Got its Stripes

Léo Grasset

The Just So stories retold in the light of evolution by France's brightest young natural scientist

What's Next?

Jim Al-Khalili

Want to know what's next for the human race? Step into Jim Al-Khalili's time machine …

Calculating the Cosmos

Ian Stewart

One of the world's great mathematicians explores the origins, history and future of the universe

Showing 108 results