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Island on Fire

Alexandra Witze

The 1783 eruption of Laki led to Europe's year without summer – and it is due again soon

Where Do Camels Belong?

Ken Thompson

A timely, instructive and controversial book, which delivers unexpected answers.

Homage to Gaia

James Lovelock

A new edition of the celebrated thinker James Lovelock's autobiography to celebrate his 100th birthday

The Economist Numbers Guide 6th Edition

How to improve your head for figures: the concepts and techniques that are crucial for every aspiring manager to know.

Rogerson's Book of Numbers

Barnaby Rogerson

A miscellany of sacred, mysterious, spiritual and profane numbers. The ideal stocking-filler – now available in paperback.

The Existential Pleasures of Engineering

Samuel C. Florman

How engineering is not only fundamental to our society but also an expression of mankind's deepest creative impulses.

The Norm Chronicles

David Spiegelhalter

A far from average book: the real story behind the statistics on risk, chance and choice. Now in paperback.

The Man Who Plants Trees

Jim Robbins

An extraordinary investigation into the world of trees – and the inspiring story of one man's quest to help save the world's oldest and greate…

The Burning Question

Mike Berners-Lee

Take one complex scientific discipline. Add the future of energy, economics and geopolitics. Season with human nature …


Daniel Everett

A groundbreaking and controversial new theory about how we talk.

The Great Mathematical Problems

Ian Stewart

'Britain's foremost populariser of maths' Ian Stewart reveals the ultimate questions that take us to the limits of mathematics – now avail…

What Has Nature Ever Done For Us?

Tony Juniper

The true value of ecosystems to world economies.

How Puzzles Improve Your Brain

Richard Restak

Whether you want to improve your memory, or give your brain a full work-out to improve logic and visual observation skills, this book is packed with b…

An Optimist's Tour of the Future

Mark Stevenson

One curious man's journey to find out 'what's next?'

Pieces of Light

Charles Fernyhough

Why do we remember certain things but forget others?

Why Does the World Exist?

Jim Holt

An irreverent sleuth tackles the riddle of existence that has puzzled man since the dawn of time

Scars of Evolution

Elaine Morgan

Elaine Morgan's book questions the accepted science around human evolution.

The Great Animal Orchestra

Bernie Krause

A fascinating and unique exploration of nature's music, from plants and animals to wind and rain.

The Quest for Gaia

Kit Pedler

Kit Pedler, the scientist who co-created the 'Doomwatch' television series to warn us of the dangers of technology, presents his vision of a t…


Daniel Everett

A groundbreaking and controversial new theory about how we talk.

Showing 106 results